Our Jefferson County neighbors are signing on!

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Letter: Ann Moon

I’ve known Bryher Herak for over 30 years as a fellow business woman in Seattle. In 1992, she was Seattle Woman of the Year. Bryher’s restaurant was named business of the year in 1994. Bryher returned to her home state of Montana in 2000 to be with her brother, George, a long-term resident of MDC. […]

Letter: Nancy Daniels

Jefferson County is lucky to have Bryher Herak as a candidate for HD75. I have known Bryher for the past 18 years, since she moved to Basin to share time with her twin brother George, a long-term Montana Developmental Center resident. In following and joining some adventures with George, I found a kind, compassionate, smart […]

Letter: Linda Sandman

Bryher Herak is the Real Deal for HD75 I’m a Jefferson County resident who is enthusiastically supporting Bryher Herak for HD75. I’ve known Bryher for many years and can’t find anyone more perfectly suited to represent Jefferson County in our Legislature. Bryher is a native Montanan born into a large farm family in the Flathead […]

Letter: Dee Anna and Jim Heikes

We are going to vote for Bryher Herak to be our legislator from House District 75.  We encourage you to consider voting for her as well. We believe that everyone should have an opportunity and privilege of meaningful work, for we all need jobs that help support our families.  We need jobs that give us […]

Letter: John Ilgenfritz

My wife and I are in the process of moving out of our house of 35 years, downsizing to a condo.  During the home-hunting process, we noticed a Bryher Herak HD75 leaflet in our realtor’s car.  Its heading caught my attention, “Civility.  Community.  Common Sense.”  Linda, our realtor, a resident of Jefferson County, enthusiastically educated me as to Bryher’s background, […]

Speech: Boulder July 2018

Good afternoon.  Thank you Carolyn and Cheryl for hosting this lovely evening and thank all of you for taking time to join us in this beautiful place. I was going to talk to you about my background and why I would be a good legislator for Jefferson County — but you can find that information […]

Letter: Joy Lewis

With all the political divisiveness and negativity these days, it’s refreshing to find a candidate who is willing to listen to all sides of an issue.  Bryher Herak, who is running for House District 75 in Jefferson County is one of the best listeners I know, and she is vying for your vote with lots […]

Letter: Ann Kuntzweiler

To the Editor, I have known Bryher Herak for approximately the last twenty years.  Over that time I have witnessed her ability to bring people together at the Basin Artists’ Refuge, at the former High Note café in Basin and in the Boulder community while serving on the Boulder Development Fund Board. While her resume […]

Letter: Joy Lewis

May 21, 2018 Dear Editor, I recently had an opportunity to hear Steve Andersen, a candidate for Justice of the Peace for Jefferson County, speak in Whitehall.   I was very impressed with his knowledge and breadth of experience and his ability to answer questions in a factual and concise way.  He has been serving as […]