Letter: We are excited to support Bryher Herak who is running for House District 75. 

Bryher grew up on a family farm in Montana, has worked in heavy construction, ran an award-winning business and served as a mediator. She has the background, experience and common sense needed to serve us as our Representative in House District 75.

Although it is easy to be fed up with politics, fair elections are at the heart of our democracy. That starts with all of us being involved. How we the people are represented in a government “of, by, and for the people” is spelled out in the Constitution of the United States and in our 1972 Montana constitution. Our constitution places the responsibility and privilege on each of us to use our vote wisely.

We in Jefferson County have the advantage of knowing our elected officials and candidates. As we decide who to support with our vote, we can hear their positions on issues in public forums, read their statements in our local papers, and meet them in person. We also are fortunate to have election officials well known for meeting the highest standards of fairness and efficiency.

We encourage you to contact Bryher with your thoughts and concerns. She is committed to listening and learning from the people in our district. She will work hard to represent us who live in HD 75 in the Montana Legislature.

Please participate in democracy. Your vote counts! Vote Bryher Herak in the Democratic primary election on June 5.

Lynn & Dusty