Letter: Nancy Daniels

Jefferson County is lucky to have Bryher Herak as a candidate for HD75. I have known Bryher for the past 18 years, since she moved to Basin to share time with her twin brother George, a long-term Montana Developmental Center resident. In following and joining some adventures with George, I found a kind, compassionate, smart and fun woman. She was involved in MDC’s Human Rights Committee and appointed chair of the Montana Disability Advisory Council in 1995 by Gov. Schweitzer.

Bryher brings business experience, community work in civil and legal rights and mediation experience from Seattle, where she was greatly respected: Woman of the Year 1992, Business of the Year 1994. She owned the High Note Coffee Shop and Art Gallery in Basin, a gathering place for the community and Montana Artist Refugees from all over the world.

From 2008 to 2014, Bryher worked as a mediator for the Montana Human Rights Bureau, helping small businesses across the state resolve disputes and conflicts. Bryher is an effective mediator; she will work across the aisle to find solutions for the gridlock in Helena.

Bryher is engaged in and has helped facilitate some of the Boulder community circles toward establishing the city growth plan; she is a member of the Boulder Development Fund Board and the Boulder Transition Committee. She is well informed and studies issues.

Bryher is a good listener; she wants to hear from you. She will listen to you and work for you and the Jefferson County she loves. We are lucky to have Bryher Herak as a candidate for HD75. Please vote for her.

Nancy Daniels