Letter: Linda Sandman

Bryher Herak is the Real Deal for HD75

I’m a Jefferson County resident who is enthusiastically supporting Bryher Herak for HD75. I’ve
known Bryher for many years and can’t find anyone more perfectly suited to represent Jefferson
County in our Legislature. Bryher is a native Montanan born into a large farm family in the
Flathead on a ranch. She grew up with a strong work ethic and developed broad skill sets at an
early age. Her life experiences are varied and include various successful business endeavors.
Bryher’s diverse work experience allows her to understand the world of many Montanans. She
obtained a law degree and developed a special expertise with mediation. Bryher will reach
across the aisle to get things done for Montana and her constituents. She is a voracious reader
always soaking up information, and most importantly she is an active listener. Bryher looks you
straight in the eye when you talk. As if her keen intellect and diverse experience and background
isn’t compelling enough for public office, my deepest respect for Bryher comes from witnessing
her heart-felt compassion as a sister to her twin brother who resided at the Montana
Developmental Center. She gave up a successful business in Washington and moved back to
Jefferson County to become an advocate for and provide loving support for her brother. This is
the kind of person we can have representing us in the Legislature! I hope you will join me in
my enthusiastic support for Bryher Herak for HD 75. She is the Real Deal!!

Linda Sandman
9 Panoramic Place
Clancy, MT 59634