Letter: Joy Lewis

With all the political divisiveness and negativity these days, it’s refreshing to find a candidate who is willing to listen to all sides of an issue.  Bryher Herak, who is running for House District 75 in Jefferson County is one of the best listeners I know, and she is vying for your vote with lots of positive energy.  She was born and raised in Montana and has lived in Basin for 18 years.

Bryher believes in small business and the strength and unity of our communities.  If we work toward building businesses that support and sustain the working people of our communities, we are many steps closer to living in productive, safe, and healthy communities.

Bryher’s experience as a mediator/facilitator is a big plus toward working across the aisle and getting important issues resolved for our county and state.  It’s time to bring back a healthy dose of civility to all the divisive political rhetoric. Most of us want the same thing but it comes down to how we want to accomplish it.  Can we drop our spirited convictions for a moment and listen?  Bryher Herak can and will do this.

Please vote for Bryher Herak for Jefferson County House District 75 on November 6.

Joy Lewis