Letter: John Ilgenfritz

My wife and I are in the process of moving out of our house of 35 years, downsizing to a condo.  During the home-hunting process, we noticed a Bryher Herak HD75 leaflet in our realtor’s car.  Its heading caught my attention, “Civility.  Community.  Common Sense.”  Linda, our realtor, a resident of Jefferson County, enthusiastically educated me as to Bryher’s background, skills and values.

Soon after we had an opportunity to meet Bryher and were quite impressed with her life experiences, intelligence, spirit of volunteerism to her community and commitment to finding common ground with those who hold different views.

Its essential that we elect folks who, while they may disagree with their colleagues across the aisle, can do so without being disrespectful.   The healthy exchange of ideas often results in better legislation and enhance opportunities to more effectively serve the common good.

Bryher strikes me as a candidate who wants to successfully meet challenges and solve problems.  Her only agenda is making Jefferson County and Montana a better place to live and work.

She understands that there is far more that unites us than divides us and the best way to find common ground is by listening intently and respectfully.

Bryher Herack will be building bridges, rather than driving damaging wedges.

Since we will live just across the county line from Jefferson County, we won’t be able to vote for Bryher Herak.  However, we enthusiastically support her candidacy and hope the voters of Jefferson County will do the same.


John Ilgenfritz
Helena, MT