Letter: Dee Anna and Jim Heikes

We are going to vote for Bryher Herak to be our legislator from House District 75.  We encourage you to consider voting for her as well.

We believe that everyone should have an opportunity and privilege of meaningful work, for we all need jobs that help support our families.  We need jobs that give us social and economic stability for work rendered, jobs that provide physical, emotional and economic safety protections for our families and communities .  Bryher Herak supports good jobs for Jefferson county and she supports strong healthy communities .

Bryher Herak cares about children and wishes to support all children in getting a top notch education through our public school system.

Bryher Herak believes in democracy and opposes dark money, trickery and outside interference in our elections.

We find Bryher to be a great listener.  Through her common sense wisdom and respect for people she is able to bring together multiple varied interest helping to create new solutions and resolutions.  Bryher gives us hope because she seeks better ways to improve our common well being.  Please consider voting for Bryher Herak.  Bryher is a natural leader!

Thank you, Dee Anna and Jim Heikes
Boulder, MT