Letter: Brud Smith

As a long-time Jefferson County resident, I’m looking forward to casting my mail ballot for Bryher Herak for House District 75. It is exciting to vote for someone who will stand up for Jefferson County’s concerns.

Bryher’s slogan is “Civility. Community. Common Sense.” Break it down and it’s exactly what we need in our representative in Helena.

Civility: Bryher treats people with respect. We need more of that in our politics these days. In her legal career as a mediator, she works to help people with different viewpoints find a solution to their concerns. She will work across the aisle to get things done.

Community: Bryher works with our citizen groups, building on our hopes and dreams for a new Boulder. She supports Jefferson County schools that are the heart of our communities.

Common sense: Bryher was raised on a Montana ranch, in a family of nine kids. She knows how to work hard and work together to get things done.

Bryher Herak is the real deal—she is running for all the right reasons, to be a strong and effective voice for us. I hope you’ll join me in voting for her on the Democratic primary ballot.

Brud Smith
502 Lower Valley Road
Boulder, MT 59632