Letter: Ann Kuntzweiler

To the Editor,

I have known Bryher Herak for approximately the last twenty years.  Over that time I have witnessed her ability to bring people together at the Basin Artists’ Refuge, at the former High Note café in Basin and in the Boulder community while serving on the Boulder Development Fund Board.

While her resume is long and accomplished I believe her most important qualification for being our representative in HD 75 is her ability to listen. She can hear what is being said and more importantly she can hear and understand what is not being said. Always she aligns herself with kindness and compassion. At the same time, she is firm in her convictions when the situation calls for it.  I hope all voters will join me in support of Bryher Herak for our next representative in House District 75.  Please vote for Bryher Herak at your polling location in the June 5th primary.

Ann Kuntzweiler
300 Lump Gulch Rd.
Clancy, MT 59634