Letter: Ann Moon

I’ve known Bryher Herak for over 30 years as a fellow business woman in Seattle. In 1992, she was Seattle Woman of the Year. Bryher’s restaurant was named business of the year in 1994.

Bryher returned to her home state of Montana in 2000 to be with her brother, George, a long-term resident of MDC. I moved here in 2013 because it was easier for my aging Dad and because it is a vibrant town in a gorgeous county.

I spent my working life managing hospital trauma and my home life raising kids and running a business. I believe change begins with the folks in front of us. Washington, D.C., may seem hard to change, but we can support state and county candidates ready to help Montana, for Montanans. Bryher Herak is one of those candidates.

Bryher Herak is remarkable for her considerable skills and insights. She loves Jefferson County. Join me in standing with a candidate ready to support and serve Jefferson County. Vote Bryher Herak for HD 75.

Anne Moon, R.N. (retired)