Letter: Brud Smith

As a long-time Jefferson County resident, I’m looking forward to casting my mail ballot for Bryher Herak for House District 75. It is exciting to vote for someone who will stand up for Jefferson County’s concerns.

Bryher’s slogan is “Civility. Community. Common Sense.” Break it down and it’s exactly what we need in our representative in Helena.

Civility: Bryher treats people with respect. We need more of that in our politics these days. In her legal career as a mediator, she works to help people with different viewpoints find a solution to their concerns. She will work across the aisle to get things done.

Community: Bryher works with our citizen groups, building on our hopes and dreams for a new Boulder. She supports Jefferson County schools that are the heart of our communities.

Common sense: Bryher was raised on a Montana ranch, in a family of nine kids. She knows how to work hard and work together to get things done.

Bryher Herak is the real deal—she is running for all the right reasons, to be a strong and effective voice for us. I hope you’ll join me in voting for her on the Democratic primary ballot.

Brud Smith
502 Lower Valley Road
Boulder, MT 59632

Letter: We are excited to support Bryher Herak who is running for House District 75. 

Bryher grew up on a family farm in Montana, has worked in heavy construction, ran an award-winning business and served as a mediator. She has the background, experience and common sense needed to serve us as our Representative in House District 75.

Although it is easy to be fed up with politics, fair elections are at the heart of our democracy. That starts with all of us being involved. How we the people are represented in a government “of, by, and for the people” is spelled out in the Constitution of the United States and in our 1972 Montana constitution. Our constitution places the responsibility and privilege on each of us to use our vote wisely.

We in Jefferson County have the advantage of knowing our elected officials and candidates. As we decide who to support with our vote, we can hear their positions on issues in public forums, read their statements in our local papers, and meet them in person. We also are fortunate to have election officials well known for meeting the highest standards of fairness and efficiency.

We encourage you to contact Bryher with your thoughts and concerns. She is committed to listening and learning from the people in our district. She will work hard to represent us who live in HD 75 in the Montana Legislature.

Please participate in democracy. Your vote counts! Vote Bryher Herak in the Democratic primary election on June 5.

Lynn & Dusty


Letter: from Mary Sand

I support Bryher Herak for state legislature in HD 75. Bryher (rhymes with “fire”) is my sister and one of the most informed, compassionate, and hardworking people I know. Others have written about her many achievements and contributions. I want to write about her in a more personal way.

Bryher grew up in a hardworking Montana farm/ranch family with five brothers and three sisters She went on to earn a law degree, practice law, and go into business. About 20 years ago she left a successful career in Seattle (“Woman of the Year,” “Business of the Year”) to be near our brother George, her twin, who was a long-time resident at Montana Developmental Center (MDC) in Boulder. For years, Bryher spent many hours each week visiting George, while also working as a mediator and running a small business.

Thanks to Bryher and MDC’s good work, George gained the skills necessary to move to a group home in Butte, where Bryher continued her many visits. At one point, when George became deathly ill, Bryher moved him into her house for months and nursed him back to health. When he was strong enough to return to his home, he was calmer, more content, and more present than ever. Our brother died peacefully a few years later, with his twin sister at his side.

I could tell dozens of stories about how Bryher walks the walk, and she always does so in ways that bring people together. When a friend developed terminal Alzheimer’s a few years ago, for example, Bryher and other friends oversaw her care for two years, making an intense time commitment.

“Civility, Community, Common Sense”—that’s Bryher’s campaign slogan. Add “kindness, commitment, and compassion” — that’s Bryher.

Letter: Dick and Linda Norden

Why do we support Bryher Herak for Montana HD 75?  We have known her for about 15 years.  She is hard working, energetic, honest, intelligent, kind, and humble.  Bryher cares about the people and the area in which she resides as well as the future of Montana.  Great public schools, good jobs for Jefferson County, and a balanced state budget are issues important to Bryher.

Bryher grew up on a small farm in western Montana.  She attended law school in Washington D.C. and has served as a mediator for the State of Montana.  She has been a successful business owner in Seattle and Montana.  She was selected as “Business Women of the Year” in Seattle and her business there was selected as “Business of the Year.”

Bryher is willing to listen to all viewpoints and discuss issues with anyone.  Her motto “Caring, Community, and Common Sense” describes Bryher.  Please join us in our support of Bryher Herak for Montana House District 75.

Dick and Linda Norden